In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, we have chosen to start the school year remotely with no in-person instruction. In addition, we are moving the start date of school for students back one week. Students will begin remote instruction on August 20th. Students will be expected to complete classes online as well as participate in Service Learning and Group Counseling. If you have any questions or concerns, please call (815) 774-8900.

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Lincoln teaches you common sense and they reward us, which motivates us to come to school and finish classes.
- Brenda
Lincoln School has helped me by allowing me to efficiently recover credits and become more organized.
- Javier
Lincoln School has helped me out by giving me a second chance.
- Francisco
Lincoln School changed my outlook on high school. Now I’m completely motivated to graduate.
- Ramona
Lincoln is a great environment for introverted students.
- Gina
Lincoln has motivated me to improve in school. The teachers and staff are so helpful and caring.
- Faith
Lincoln saved my education.
- Jonathan
My opinion of attending Lincoln is that I am lucky. This school will help me graduate on time.
- Matt
Great chance to change my life.
- Davion